I am a PhD student at Cornell University working with Ashutosh Saxena. I recently moved to Stanford AI Lab as a visiting PhD student under the co-supervision of Silvio Savarese. I am interested in machine learning and its applications in computer vision and robotics. Specifically, I am interested in understanding humans and their environments through language and visual information.

Before Cornell and Stanford, I completed my M.Sc. study at Multimedia Research Group led by Aydin Alatan in Electrical and Electronics Engineering department of METU.

When I am not doing research or writing code, I am mostly reading some science-fiction books or practicing juggling. I usually spend quite a bit time on juggling, especially diabolo and club tricks. I am also interested in designing and playing puzzles and team games.

If you want/need to contact me, the fastest option is usually an e-mail. My e-mail address is ozan[at]cs[dot]stanford[dot]edu.